Our Mission

Innovative Science Solutions provides scientific product stewardship to help companies and counsel achieve timely and successful healthcare product approvals/introductions, maximize market potential of existing products, comply with regulations, and defend products from science-based challenges.

Our dedicated scientific and regulatory consultants have extensive experience serving both industry and counsel on issues related to a diverse array of regulated products — including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals, cosmetics, foods, and dietary supplements. Our services span the entire product lifecycle — from technology identification and development to approval and post-market, product stewardship.

ISS professionals work hand-in-glove with the world’s thought leaders and utilize strategic alliances with multiple organizations to provide a wide breadth of services. We’re committed to the constant evolution of medical and chemical business environment — keeping our clients ahead of the pace.

ISS: A Brief History

ISS was formed 20 years ago to take the best practices from in-house industry experience and form a high impact, boutique consulting firm that could assist companies big and small with business challenges based in science.

During that time, ISS has had the honor of working on important initiatives that have contributed to both business success as well as improvements in public health. Notable examples include guiding work in expanding the use of acetylsalicylic acid to include heart attack and stroke prevention, directing efforts to switch some of the world’s leading drugs from prescription to OTC status, and preparing companies for the high stress final stage of drug and device development: the FDA advisory committee review. ISS’ highly sought-after support services in this area in recent years has been instrumental in the reintroduction and approval of several products.

To further expand the footprint and impact of ISS, a strategic alliance was formed with Cello Health, whose diverse capabilities include support for early-stage concepts all the way through marketing programs for well established, mature healthcare products. It was immediately clear that there was a powerful synergy between the two organizations. There is now a larger platform to assist clients in developing scientific and regulatory approaches to increase market potential at all stages of a product’s lifecycle and develop appropriate responses to regulatory action, ensuring clients are poised for even greater impact and growth.

ISS Leadership Team

ISS was formed 20 years ago to take the best practices from in-house industry experience and form a high impact, boutique consulting firm that could assist companies big and small with business challenges based in science.


Dr. Weisman knows how to bridge the gap between science and marketing. As head of ISS’s Clinical and Regulatory Support practice, he focuses on the development of scientific and regulatory approaches that increase a product’s market potential. He’s an invaluable resource for scientific litigation support for products in crisis and, under his guidance, ISS has encouraged firms to proactively monitor the safety and effectiveness of their products and develop systems that reduce liability claims.

Dr. Weisman has over 20 years of experience in pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical product development, clinical and regulatory affairs, and marketing evaluation and communication.

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A “scientific detective,” Dr. Schwartz excels at analyzing how science and law interact. As head of ISS’ Support to Counsel practice, he helps clients defend and support pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, medical devices, foods, and dietary supplements in the courts, the regulatory arena, and the market place. With a talent for communicating complex scientific information, Dr. Schwartz has become a go-to for lawyers, business professionals, and financial and investment firms.

Dr. Schwartz specializes in providing strategic and tactical support to counsel in legal cases involving complex scientific issues. He has played a lead role in winning multi-billion dollar legal cases for clients. With the sheer weight of the scientific data he’s able to collect, evaluate, and present as evidence, he’s helped counsel win cases before going to trial, saving ISS clients time and money.

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