The experts at Innovative Science Solutions (ISS) provide opinions as to how companies typically interface with the FDA, EMA and other EU regulatory Agencies and the appropriateness of regulatory activities that have been undertaken by stakeholders.

Our experience working at the interface between government regulatory agencies and industry executives has helped ISS to cultivate a deep, contextual knowledge of issues related to healthcare product commercialization, product safety issues, and regulatory challenges.

ISS has been called upon to provide expert testimony in disputes involving the following issues:

  • Regulatory challenges (e.g., Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Advertising Division (NAD)) involving a product’s marketing claims
  • Legal actions involving allegations that an FDA-regulated product is unsafe, ineffective or inappropriately manufactured
  • Legal challenges to intellectual property protection
  • High stakes commercial disputes


ISS can review the facts at issue and determine whether our knowledgeable experts can provide testimony that will help you prevail in your legal dispute.

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