Whether you require due diligence for in-licensing or out-licensing deals, Innovative Science Solutions (ISS) can help carry out primary research by developing custom approaches to product reviews (including entire portfolios). These approaches often include screens, discussion guides, and stimuli (e.g., target product profiles) for stakeholder interviews (e.g., physicians, patients, payers and KOLs).

From primary and secondary research, we create comprehensive revenue and net present value (NPV) forecasts that have the ability to incorporate multiple market events and scenarios to conduct sensitivity analyses that reveal likely outcomes. This research takes a bottom-up approach starting with epidemiological assessments (e.g., incidence and prevalence rates of the disease condition of interest), as well as diagnosis and treatment rates in combination with disease severity to yield a relevant patient population for the product of interest.

We are also called upon to perform comprehensive document reviews that could uncover information relating to probability of technical or regulatory success. The goal of this document review often includes identification of key challenges that the product could face relating to marketability, coverage, or reimbursement.

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