Chemical and Environmental Toxic Torts

Chemical and environmental/occupational toxic tort cases often raise complex scientific challenges for even the most seasoned trial lawyer.

ISS has teamed up with COEH consulting to form a joint initiative to enhance our service offerings which include a broad range of scientific legal services related to chemical and environmental toxic torts.

COEH is a consulting firm with skills in chemical exposure assessment in the occupational and environmental setting. COEH’s strength lies in their highly trained professional staff, including Certified Industrial Hygienists and decades of real-world experience. COEH personnel have performed numerous audits/inspections of chemical and pharmaceutical facilities as well as many manufacturing plants using chemicals as part of the plant’s manufacturing process.

We have helped counsel defend toxic tort cases involving industrial chemicals, toxic metals, welding fumes, radiofrequency radiation, asbestos, silica, and many other potentially toxic exposures.

Here is how ISS can help you win your next toxic tort case:

Brief and Motion Review

Well crafted pretrial motions can bring an early end to toxic tort actions, particularly given the impact of Daubert and its progeny. ISS can ensure your pretrial motions contain the most compelling scientific arguments possible.

Expert Witness Identification, Support, and Preparation

Most toxic tort cases require experts from a distinct set of medical and scientific disciplines, including exposure assessment, occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, chemical toxicology, and epidemiology. Check out our Expert ID services to see how we can connect you to the best witnesses for your case.

Strategies for Deposition and Trial

Medical and scientific experts must be integrated successfully into the overall scientific strategy. ISS assists with strategic positioning of defense experts (including report preparation) as well as in helping to prepare materials to challenge plaintiffs’ witnesses in deposition, hearing and trial.

Literature Surveillance and Alert Programs

Effectively tracking and identifying relevant scientific literature can be the key to success in a complex toxic tort case. ISS employs state-of-the-art information technology and skilled personnel to track, compile and characterize scientific literature critical to the alleged toxic exposure or injury. These studies, once identified, are then put into the appropriate litigation context for integration in the overall litigation strategy.

Statistical Analysis

Just as scientific studies form the “building blocks” of toxic tort litigation, experimental design and subsequent statistical analyses are the foundations to every scientific study. Appropriate methodologies include minimum sample size needed to achieve appropriate statistical power, appropriateness of controls, presence of bias and/or confounding, suitability of inferential analyses, exact vs. asymptotic measures, and adequate analysis of large data sets. Our statistical expertise allows us to address these and many other related issues.

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